December SAE Spotlight: Tyler Reinerd

By: Careena Crabtree, Contributing Writer

Mr. Scott Stone and Mrs. Lori Lewis nominated Tyler Reinerd for their December SAE spotlight. Reinerd is a CHS senior who is involved in football, chamber choir and track. He has been working on his SAE for about 11 years.

Reinerd’s SAE involves raising and selling cattle. Reinerd said, “My main goal with my SAE is to become a larger name in cattle.” From his SAE, he has learned the importance of communication and meeting new people. However, Reinerd said, “The whole reason why I went into the cattle business is because I had a deep love of animals.” Reinerd also practices taxidermy and splits wood.

When asked how successful his SAE has been so far, Reinerd said, “I have had a little success. I help a lot of people, and I’ve sold a few calves.” The SAE helps students get hands-on experience in agriculture. This also applies to Reinerd. He said, “It [his SAE] has helped me prepare for the future by helping keep an accurate account of my expenses and receipts. Reinerd’s SAE has helped him connect with many people, as well as prepare him for the cattle business.

The objective of a Supervised Agricultural Experience is to work with educational programs to better prepare FFA students for their future careers. The simple skills such as communication and patience will help them succeed in life. Scott Stone, FFA adviser, says he has his students do an SAE for the learning experience. He says they can explore any career interest they may have and even find a field they might not want to follow. Stone said, “I hope they all have the chance to earn a profit, but I hope they can learn what areas they are interested in as a potential career.”


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