Werkmeister Chosen CHS January Student of the Month

By: Alerey Crocker, Contributing Writer

Bradley Werkmeister is Centralia High School’s January Student of the Month. Werkmeister is a freshman at Centralia High School, and he is the son of Gary and Misty Werkmeister.

Werkmeister is in football, basketball and track. Outside of school, he is involved with his church, the Centralia swim team and Boy Scouts. He also regularly participates in long-distance biking events and triathlons.  

Werkmeister’s favorite class is American History because he thinks history is very interesting. Mr. Aaron Williams, the teacher, is a lot of fun. Werkmeister works hard to be successful in the classroom and outside the classroom, and he has advice to give to other students about being a hard worker. “The harder you work at school, the less you have to take home and, inevitably, put off till last minute,” he said.

Mrs. Jennifer Ludwig, CHS language arts teacher, nominated Werkmeister for Student of the Month. Ludwig’s favorite memory with Werkmeister is when she first met him. She said they were talking about interests, and he mentioned Dungeons and Dragons. That is a game Ludwig used to play with her brother growing up, and she mentioned she did not know that anyone still played it.

Ludwig feels Werkmeister is an exceptional student and, while academic success is not the only aspect she assessed when making her recommendation, it did make him stand out. “I appreciate students who are willing to try hard in class, and Bradley is one of those students. I can always count on Bradley to try to answer questions and share his thinking, and he is able to argue his thinking with a lot of information from his reading and experiences,” said Ludwig.

One of Werkmeister’s future goals is to graduate college with a degree in engineering.

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