Centralia School District Adds Girls’ Wrestling

By: Rebecca Hudson, Contributing Writer

Centralia High School is one of the many schools in the area that recently included a girls’ wrestling team to the list of programs available to students during the winter season.

McKenna Baer: Photo courtesy of Tim Motley

MSHSAA created a district and state championship for the girls’ wrestling program to help motivate female students to join wrestling teams without having to worry about wrestling boys at meets and competitions. At CHS, McKenna Baer joined the girls’ wrestling team for the 2018-2019 season.

Baer has been wrestling for five years, and she said she would have joined wrestling even if there was not a girls’ team. She knew wrestling 

McKenna Baer: Photo courtesy of Tim Motley

was not going to be easy when she joined the team. Baer’s brothers motivated her to become a wrestler 


Baer loves wrestling because she makes new friends and learns new techniques at practices and meets. For this wrestling season, Baer said she hopes to master all of her goals.  She said,  “I want to be able to make it to state and reach all the goals that I have set.”

When she graduates from CHS, Baer intends to join the Air Force.






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