Humphrey Receives CHS January Arrangement of the Month

By:  Rebecca Hudson, Contributing Writer

Dr. Matt Smith, CHS principal, awarded the January Arrangement of the Month to Scott Humphrey, CHS boys’ basketball coach, for the work he puts in with the boys’ basketball team. The work he does led the Panthers to earn the championship title in this year’s Centralia tournament for the first time since the 2003-04 season.

Humphrey coaches P.E. throughout the school year, and he coaches basketball during the winter. He is head of the A+ program and the FLEX program at CHS, and he also teaches Freshman Study Skills. Humphrey has been teaching at the high school for three years.

Smith wanted to acknowledge Humphrey for all the work he does for the school. He said, “Coach Humphrey does an outstanding job leading our boys’ basketball program. With all the time, energy and commitment he puts into this, he is, more importantly, a great teacher and mentor to all CHS students.”

Humphrey loves being at Centralia High School because he gets to work with kids and develop relationships. One lesson Humphrey wants his students to learn from his classes is how to treat others. His favorite aspect of being a teacher at CHS is coaching and watching kids have success in all of their activities.

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