CHS Students Develop Real-World Skills at HCC

By: Careena Crabtree, Contributing Writer

Julia Flowers and Madison Bradley

Madison Bradley, Dorie Spurling and Julia Flowers are the three Centralia students who attend the cosmetology program at Hart Career Center in Mexico, Missouri. They attend class in Mexico until third hour, and then they return to CHS. At Hart the three learn many elements of cosmetology.

Bradley is a morning vo-tech student. She works daily to develop cosmetology skills. “Every day we do manicures and pedicures and work on our daily assignments,” she said. The daily assignments in Mexico include learning about manicures, pedicures, scalp treatments, facials and hairstyling. She said they also have a designated time for textbook work. Bradley started the cosmetology program last year and enjoys what she learns there. She said, “My favorite part is getting to cut and color hair. It’s a lot of work, but I like what I get to do there.”

Flowers started the cosmetology program as a junior. She said, “I want to be a cosmetologist after I graduate.” Flowers has learned how to work with clients and how to be an esthetician, someone who applies cosmetic skin treatments. Her favorite part of the cosmetology class is being able to bond with classmates. When asked what to say to anyone wanting to pursue cosmetology, Flowers said, “If you really want to do this, don’t let anyone stop you from doing your dream career.”

Dorie Spurling

Spurling attends Hart cosmetology in the afternoon. She started at the career center her junior year and drives to Mexico after second hour. In a typical day, she uses half of the day for studying and the other half performing hands-on activities. So far, she has learned how to retouch hair color, give perms, cut hair, give facials, apply acrylic nails and more. Spurling sees the career center as a great opportunity to further her career. “It is an inexpensive way to develop a career you can use for the rest of your life!”



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