FLEX FOCUS: Dickerson Receives On-the-Job Training at Richman Graphics

By: Careena Crabtree, Contributing Author

Kyra Dickerson, CHS senior, works at Richman Graphics in Centralia for her FLEX block.

FLEX provides high school students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in local workplaces. During their FLEX block, participants perform the daily tasks of the job. This experience also allows students to explore future careers they may be interested in, all while in a professional work environment.

Many FLEX participants perform at the jobs they already have, including Dickerson. While there, she learns skills such as screen printing and screen reclamation. She is also responsible for operating heavy machinery.

Dickerson’s role at Richman’s is to print T-shirts and process printing orders. She has also learned how to interact with her employer, which will prepare her for future careers down the road. “This will help me by teaching me time management, efficiency and how a small business works,” said Dickerson. Her favorite part about working at Richman’s is “the opportunity to interact with adults in a professional setting. It is a unique experience working at a graphic design shop with new and exciting projects taking place.”

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