Advanced Chemistry Visits the MURR

By: Chloe Towne, Contributing Writer

Tonya Schmidt, CHS science instructor, recently accompanied her Advanced Chemistry class on a field trip to the University of Missouri Research Reactor, which is located at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

The MURR is the most powerful research facility among the dozens of research reactors located on our nation’s university campuses. Schmidt has taken the students in Advanced Chemistry there every year for 12 years. She believes that “the MURR is an exceptional and knowledgeable research facility.” She takes the students to the MURR to show them how the information they learn in the classroom can apply to the real world.

Taking a trip to the MURR is one way to show her students what research looks like outside the classroom. According to Schmidt, students get a chance “to see science application of the uses of nuclear power for cancer treatment, archaeometry, FBI profiling and doping of silicon for hybrid cars.” The best part of the trip, in her opinion, is its value to the students taking Advanced Chemistry. “Every bit [of the trip] is applicable to what these kids are learning and also points out future careers or areas of interest,” said Schmidt.   

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