2019 Senior Art Showcase: Careena Crabtree

By: Samantha Taylor, Contributing Writer

Careena Crabtree, CHS senior, has been enrolled in an art class since her freshman year. Her artwork was recently on display during the CHS Fine Arts Night.   

Since Crabtree was a little girl, she has loved to be creative and knew she was interested in art due to the excitement she felt as she walked into art class. As she became older, she started to use the Internet to find inspiration. “The Internet helped me delve deeper into artistic creations, especially other people’s work. I became inspired by a lot of other people,” she said.

Crabtree prefers to use simple concepts in her pieces that are not too abstract or deep. The art she creates in itself is straightforward. However, at times, she enjoys making an abstract piece. She prefers to vary her use of materials. She uses anything from acrylics to colored pencils and markers.

When asked who her favorite artist is and how he or she inspires her, she replied, “I have a lot. I like a lot of modern artists from the Internet, but I like this guy named Mark Crilley. I’ve been looking at his stuff since I was 12, but he’s been around since the 90’s. I just love his style and his tutorials he puts on YouTube.”

Crabtree’s favorite memory of art class was the transition from her freshman art class to her sophomore art class, which she recalled as a time when students could really begin to unleash their creativity.

After high school, she wants to do work within the field of graphic design, but her dream job is to work with animation.

CHS art teacher Rachel Renaud knows that Crabtree will end up in a creative field.  She said, “Careena is naturally creative and has a unique voice. I cannot wait to see what she accomplishes!”



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