Ag Structures Students Make Lasting Contribution to CHS

By: Samantha Taylor, Contributing Writer

When Mrs. Tonya Schmidt, CHS science instructor and head prom sponsor, asked the B5 Ag Structures class to build a bridge for prom that could be used during the Grand March festivities, Elijah Crutchfield, Carson Flick, Skyler Gallegos, Cameron Logsdon, Jase Cox and Christian Barrett-Gerhardt answered her request.

Many steps were taken to ensure the students created a high-quality piece of work. The first step to building the bridge was finding the right plan to follow. The original plans called for gaps between the boards. The team took into consideration that some of the girls would be wearing heels, so they altered the plans for the bridge. Secondly, the step on and off of the bridge had to be altered on the plans in order to make stepping on and off easier. The bridge also had to be made to fit two people at once. With all of these alterations and factors that were taken into consideration, the team building this bridge decided to build the bridge out of pine wood, and the base out of treated pine to add more stability.

Ms. Bruns, the Ag Structures teacher, was happy with the final product. She said, “These students worked very hard on this bridge! They had to think outside the box and go off the plans to get the bridge done. With this being the advanced class, they had to use all of their previous knowledge to get it done. I am very, very proud of them!”

Even though the bridge was originally built for prom, it can be used in the future for many other school events and activities. This bridge, being made of pine, was made to last.  

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