Crutchfield Chosen May CHS Student of the Month

By: Alerey Crocker, Contributing Writer

Elijah Crutchfield was recently named the Student of the Month for May at Centralia High School. Crutchfield was a senior this past school year at CHS, and he graduated in May. He is the son of Angela Crutchfield, and his siblings are Destiny Ridenhower and Harrison Ridenhower.

During high school, Crutchfield participated in football, basketball and Chamber Choir. His favorite classes were Office Cadet and Greenhouse. Crutchfield enjoyed cadeting for the office because he liked hanging out with the office staff. Crutchfield also liked Greenhouse because he is really close with Mr. Stone.

This spring an incident occurred at CHS, and Crutchfield took immediate action. One afternoon a vehicle collision occurred on Cox Street after school dismissed. The people who watched the video from the surveillance camera could not see the collision, but they could tell the reactions of people in the area the moment the collision occurred. The moment Crutchfield heard the cars collide, he can be clearly seen in the video spinning around and going in a full sprint toward the collision. Crutchfield stayed on the scene as administrators and police arrived to assist.

When Crutchfield found out that he was chosen to be the Student of the Month at CHS, he felt surprised and honored. Dr. Matt Smith, CHS principal, said, “Thankfully no one was seriously injured [in the wreck], but we are also thankful to know that we have students who don’t hesitate to come to aid for others.”

Crutchfield’s educational and career goals include getting a general education at MACC and then attending a dental hygiene program.

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