Orchestra Seniors and 7/8 Graders Perform Together at Spring Concert

By: Chloe Towne, Contributing Writer

On Thursday, May 9, 2019, the CHS senior, seventh grade and eighth grade Orchestra students, and the eighth grade Band students performed together in the CBMS gym at the CBMS Spring Fine Arts Night.

The students, led by Mrs. Neighbors and Mrs. Rolfson, performed “New World Symphony” by Antonin Dvorak. Rolfson and Neighbors chose to perform this music because it is a full orchestra piece. “The CBMS students played a full orchestra piece last year and loved it,” Rolfson added. This year Rolfson and Neighbors wanted to have seniors open the doors to underclassmen. They also want to have the older kids “pass the torch” down to incoming freshmen. They hope to make this a new district tradition.


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