Crockett Publishes First Book

By: Morgan Crane, Contributing Writer

Parker Crockett, a CHS sophomore, has recently self-published a book entitled Torn Dress.

According to Crockett, the book is about “a twisted side of Cinderella, spinning her life into what I saw while watching the movies.” To make this story a reality, it took about six years of hard work and brainstorming–two of them creating the book in general and another four on top of that to edit the final product for release.

On top of six year’s of hard work, personal inspiration helped make this book a reality. CHS language arts teacher Jennifer Ludwig also encouraged Crockett to complete the book. “I had all these ideas for stories in my head for awhile and never saw them anywhere. I took it upon myself to write the ideas down and share them with the rest of the world,” said Crockett.  

Crockett offers the following advice for aspiring writers: “Do it. Don’t not do it. It takes time, but it’s worth it. Do not know the end. It makes it hard to write when you know what’s going to happen.”

Currently, Crockett has sold between 12-14 copies since publication. The book is available on Amazon’s website under P. Crockett, and the cost is $7.95. Crockett plans on releasing a second part of the story in the future to go along with the first story.

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