Pendergrast Provides Insight on Naval Academy Summer Seminar

By:  Emma Edwards, Contributing Writer

Hannah Pendergrast, CHS senior, participated in the Naval Academy Summer Seminar June 16 through June 20. Pendergrast is planning to go into the Naval Academy after high school.

While attending the seminar, Pendergrast experienced what it is like to be a part of the Naval Academy. “I met many people from many different states during the seminar. Almost everyone I met I became friends with. We all exchanged Snapchats and Instagrams so we could keep in touch,” Pendergrast said. 

She explained that the summer seminar opened her eyes to a whole different world that she loves. Pendergrast stated, “So many things are attractive about the Naval Academy, such as the curriculum, traditions, sports, clubs, routines, service and the people that go through the whole experience with you.” 

Pendergrast will be applying to the Naval Academy this fall. She said that hearing from Naval Academy officers and students about their experiences and learning more information about applying were the best parts. “The Summer Seminar was challenging sometimes, but it made me want to attend the academy even more,” she said. 

The application process for the Naval Academy entails confirming eligibility, creating a preliminary application, applying for nomination, taking college entrance exams, submitting transcripts, undergoing a medical and fitness assessment and participating in an interview. Pendergrast said, “I learned that in order to get accepted, I need to work on a couple of aspects of my life, such as my physical fitness as well as my ACT and SAT scores.”

Pendergrast, after attending the Naval Academy Summer Seminar, is even more excited about her future. She has learned what needs to be done to get accepted into the Naval Academy and is working hard to make it happen. “I feel very prepared for life after high school. I have multiple plans in case I don’t make it into the Naval Academy, such as applying to the other service academies, as well as NROTC,” said Pendergrast.

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