The Great Pumpkin!

Preschoolers have been busy this week exploring materials in our new units:   Pumpkins and Nature Walks.  Young children learn best through play and each center in our room is designed for exploration about a topic by playing.   Students have enjoyed making a jack o’ lanterns by hammering golf tees and plastic facial features into a pumpkin.   This is a great way to strengthen shoulder and arm strength for fine motor work.   In the light table center, you can see that she is sorting objects by color as well as retelling the poem “5 Little Pumpkins”.  Another student enjoys making different pumpkin faces with magnets.   One of our favorite activities has been using real objects to retell the story “The Little Old Lady who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything”.   Next week, we will take a walking field trip around our school neighborhood to explore things in nature in the autumn.   

We look forward to meeting with parents on Thursday, October 24 from 1-7 at CES Preschool for conferences.  

Partners in Learning,

Mrs. Warbritton

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