CHS 4-H Members to Compete at National Livestock Show

By: Alerey Crocker, Contributing Writer

Annamarie Stone, Zane Stone, Jenna Hasekamp and Seth Hasekamp, CHS 4-H members, will be going to Denver at the beginning of January to compete at the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo. This event will be held January 7 through January 26. This is one of the four big national shows (American Royal, North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE), National Western, Fort Worth). Here participants can come from all over the United States to exhibit their livestock and engage in 4-H and FFA competitions. 

The 4-H team goals for this national competition include placing in the top three and making it to Europe to also judge there. To prepare for the upcoming competition, these 4-H members will judge online classes and judge livestock in person. Members will also go to local farms and see different species of livestock to prepare.

Both individual and team awards are distributed at the contest. The overall team score determines if members move on, and the top three teams will travel to Europe and judge at the international show. 

During livestock shows, members gain self-confidence, make new friendships and gain teamwork skills. They might also earn scholarships.  

The members are eager for the competition. “We are just glad to get this opportunity to go to a big national show and show everyone else what Missouri kids can do,” said Jenna Hasekamp, 4-H member.

Jenna Hasekamp has been a member of the F&L Hustler 4-H club for twelve years. Hasekamp started when she was five years old, and her last year will be her senior year. She has made a lot of friends through 4-H and has learned public speaking skills. She said, “4-H has taught us a ton about leadership, and a ton of different responsibilities. 4-H has prepared me to be an active FFA member because I knew coming in what would be expected of me as a member. Because of 4-H, I know how to raise livestock, plant and harvest rowe crops and am able to communicate to people about my job.”

Annamarie Stone has been a member of 4-H for six years. Before being a member of 4-H, Stone was in Clover Kids for three years. She has learned that she likes public speaking, showing and working with little kids through her participation in 4-H. Stone has learned about self-confidence, teamwork, leadership and public speaking through competing in these 4-H events. “4-H has given me self-confidence and the ability to talk to others. I can take these skills and be a leader,” she said.  

Zane Stone has been a member of 4-H for ten years. Stone has learned about leadership skills and public speaking through his participation in 4-H. He has also come to understand more about his personal strengths and weaknesses. 

Seth Hasekamp has also been a member of 4-H for seven years. He has learned how to be more prepared through 4-H. Preparing for the competition will help Hasekamp when he purchases cattle in the future and participates in FFA livestock judging. 

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