October SAE Spotlight:  Kallie Campbell

By: Alerey Crocker, Contributing Writer

Kallie Campbell was nominated for the October FFA SAE Spotlight. She is a sophomore at Centralia High School.

Campbell has started her own business for her SAE project, which is called Kreative Kreations by Kallie. She makes and sells homemade crafts that range from wreaths to headbands and bows. She also creates shirts, pants and water bottles. Although these are some of the items she currently sells, she is always looking for a new creative project to make based on the wants and needs of her customers. Campbell’s business is based out of her home. She has a craft room where all the magic happens. One of the special aspects of her business is free delivery of purchased items.  

Campbell really likes to do crafts with her mom and grandma, and before her business was created, she often wondered whether people would buy her items. She then decided to take the leap to sell some of her creations. She got positive ideas from other people to expand her inventory, which led to the creation of her business. Campbell spreads the word about her endeavor primarily on social media, but she feels that other great marketing tools include the people who wear her products and spread the word about her business. She has also been invited to sell her products at local events. “What I love most about my business is that I have been invited to do vendor events, such as the Cider Walk and the Pumpkin Fest. I love seeing people wear my products,” she said.

Campbell especially loves creating the her headbands because they show Panther spirit, which is important to her because she is our school mascot. Campbell thinks it is fun when people come to the games with custom products. Campbell’s hardest creations are her wreaths because none of them are the same. “When I make wreaths, I don’t know people’s favorite color or favorite design, so I have to take a chance on each creation that people will buy.”

Through running her business, Campbell has learned that time management is important because she is involved in so many extracurricular activities that she has to designate time to take orders, make products and deliver. Campbell has also learned money management. Her advice to others who might be interested in opening their own business is to make sure they have the support of their family to help them–especially if they do not have their driver’s license yet.  

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