Colston Receives October Arrangement of the Month Award 

By: Abby McArthur, Contributing Writer

Dr. Matt Smith, CHS principal, awarded the October flower arrangement of the month to Cathy Colston, CHS secretary. Colston was chosen because she has such a demanding job and so many responsibilities. The entire student body and staff depend on her to send messages, handle lunch money, make announcements, take phone calls and do many other tasks.  According to Dr. Smith, “She does it all with cheer and grace.”

Colston has worked at CHS for about 14 years. The best part of her job is getting to see the kids every day. She also enjoys the fact that each day brings a new challenge. Colston says her biggest challenge working in the office is time management because she has so many responsibilities each day. 

Colston has been married to her high school sweetheart for 29 years. She has three kids–Garrison, Allison and Bryson. She is also a grandmother to  Aubree, Marshall and Lila, whom she adores. Outside of her busy life here at CHS, she loves camping, traveling, going to the lake and hanging out with her kids.  

Winning the arrangement of the month really did shock Colston, she said, because Dr. Smith always said that the arrangement had to go to someone outside the office. Dr. Smith could not resist giving it to Colston after she prepared for parent-teacher conferences. She was running errands around the school for the staff, helping students just as she always does, setting up the cafeteria and making sure the conferences would run smoothly. 

Colston is very special to everyone at CHS, especially to Dr. Smith. She keeps the school in line and makes sure Dr. Smith keeps up with his responsibilities. While Dr. Smith does make all of the decisions, Colston is right there behind him to make sure all the details fall into place.

Dr. Smith says that the most special quality about Cathy is her connection with the students. She gets to know each student personally so she can help with attendance and grade problems. Many times she is just there to talk to students. Dr. Smith said, “There are too many protocols and procedures that she is a master of to even begin to list, but at the end of the day her personal attachment to our students is what makes her so special…there is no one in the building more deserving of recognition than her.”


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