CHS Drama Department Performs Little Women

By: Michael Lee, Contributing Writer

After weeks of preparation and many months of hard work, the CHS Drama Department finished its final performance of Little Women on November 24. Both directors say the show was a success.

Months before the performance, Dr. Andrew Darr proposed the idea of performing an adaptation of Little Women to Ms. Kortney Sebben, the drama co-director, after teaching about the book in his American Literature class. According to Sebben, both of the teachers wanted “to do something more classic with old-fashioned costumes to stretch [Drama club’s] artistic skills.” They spent a few days on building and painting the set for the play, borrowing props from family and friends, renting the old-fashioned costumes from two separate places and borrowing microphones and sound equipment from the music department and Mr. Andrew Reynolds, CHS business instructor.

Darr and Sebben held auditions at the beginning of the school year, and the chosen actors practiced their lines for over three months. Sebben was in charge of props, costumes and set building, while Darr was working with the actors and overseeing lights and sound design. 

When Darr was asked about the performance, he said, “I thought the play went incredibly well. The actors and crew worked incredibly hard leading up to opening night, and it showed in the quality and consistency of the performances over the weekend. I heard many great pieces of feedback and encouragement from audience members about the energy, humor and heart that the actors displayed.”

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