7th Grade Math – Chapter 9

In 7th grade math with Mr. Motley, we are finishing up Chapter 8 over Equations and Inequalities.  Chapter 9 is over Proportionality and Linear Relationships.  This will be a relatively short chapter with only 5 lessons and a review before the test.

Here is a breakdown of Chapter 9:

  • Lesson 9-1 Functions
  • Lesson 9-2 Representing Linear Functions
  • Lesson 9-3 Constant Rate of Change and Slope
  • Lesson 9-4 Direct Variation
  • Lesson 9-5 Slope-Intercept Form
  • Chapter 9 Review
  • Chapter 9 Test

As always, all material will be available on Google Classroom.  This includes all homework, notes, answer keys, and available online help.

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