Austin Nominated February Student of the Month at CHS

By: Michael Lee, Contributing Writer

CHS principal Dr. Matt Smith named Lane Austin as Centralia High School’s February 2020 Student of the Month. Austin is a senior at CHS, and he is the son of Derek and Christi Austin.

Austin attends Hart Career Center. He said that Diesel Mechanics is his favorite class overall because he can be himself there and work on projects he is passionate about.  

Dr. Smith commended Austin for his hard work this past winter. He said, “Lane is an all-around outstanding student who takes great pride in doing things well. During some recent wintery weather, Lane had the opportunity to sleep in a couple of days as it was excusable for him not to make the trek to Mexico. However, just like the battle cry of a dedicated postman, not rain, nor snow, nor hurricane, nor mudslide would keep him from maintaining PERFECT attendance.”

Austin plans on going to Linn Tech for automotive diesel sometime after he graduates. He said, “I love mechanics and engines and that’s what interested me the most.” In his free time, Austin likes to work on his own vehicles. When asked about how he became interested in diesel mechanics, he said, “I always watched my dad when I was little and he is a diesel mechanic for a living. I decided to do the same.” 

Desie Brooks, CHS language arts teacher, nominated Austin for the student of the month honor. She chose him because she knew that Austin never let a snow day hold him back from getting to class at Hart Career Center.

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