Entries by Ann Seider

CIS Hosts Mock Election

On election day, November 8, 2016, new leaders were selected.  The students and staff at Centralia Intermediate School participated in a mock election set up by the Nexus gifted program.  Nexus students worked as election officials by creating posters encouraging voters, creating the electronic ballot, and managing the election day activities.  Tuesday morning was busy… Continue Reading CIS Hosts Mock Election

Mo Dept. of Conservation specialist visits CBMS Nexus classes

On Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016, Kim Cole from the Missouri Department of Conservation, visited with the Nexus classes about using a magnetic compass and topographic maps.  Students reviewed the features on the topographic map of the Tri City Lake area. They tried out the baseplate style compasses that Ms. Cole brought with her–learning about magnetic… Continue Reading Mo Dept. of Conservation specialist visits CBMS Nexus classes

Nexus team visits local Rotary

Seven Nexus students who competed in the Global Finals of Destination Imagination visited the Rotary meeting held September 28. Each team member shared an explanation or memory of their May  visit to Knoxville, Tennessee.   The team qualified to attend Globals by winning the state tournament last spring. They scored 14th at Globals.