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Kindergarten Science Unit on Energy

Kindergarten started a science unit on Energy last week.  We discussed the importance of the sun and how it gives energy to the Earth.   We also discussed different surfaces you can find on Earth (sand, soil, rocks, and water).  We took a hike around school to observe these surfaces.   We discovered that surfaces […]

Writing Time…a chance to grow and glow!

Kindergarten has been working hard on getting better at writing.  We are currently in the middle of our Informative Writing unit. This week we are working on asking a question at the beginning of our writing.  We are learning which question word to use at the beginning of our sentence and how to make the […]

Kindergarten Math Stations

Stations are a very popular way for our students to be able to practice the skills we are covering in math class.  Currently the Kindergarten students have been learning about subtraction.   They are able to practice their subtraction knowledge by playing games and using apps on our iPads.   The other nice piece about […]

Gingerbread Man Hunt in Kindergarten

The Kindergarten classes enjoyed a week of Gingerbread Man fun!   We read lots of different versions of the gingerbread man, decorated gingerbread houses, and even when on a hunt for the elusive guy!   No one was able to capture him, but he did leave us a special treat of gingerbread man cookies!   […]

Kindergarten Visit Pumpkin Patch

On Wednesday, October 10th the Kindergarten classes went on a field trip to Peach Tree Farms.   We had a great time petting goats, playing in the corny crib, finding our way through a hay maze, riding on a hay ride, and picking a pumpkin from the patch.   We were also able to see […]

Kodable–the app

Mrs. Durant’s Kindergarten class spent some time exploring the app called Kodable.  While using the app, the children were problem solving how to make their ‘Fuzz Ball’ get through the maze correctly.   They had to rely on their skills they had learned in previous coding lessons to help them navigate their Fuzz Balls.   […]

Force and Motion

We have been learning about force and motion in Kindergarten.   We discussed different types of pushes and pulls.  We experimented with different ways to make ping pong balls move.   Our final activity was working in teams to build ramps to race marbles.   We learned that the incline of our ramp makes our […]

Mrs. Durant’s Class Learns About Coding!

This week our class was introduced to the field of computer science.  We learned that computer scientists are people who make and design programs for computers.  We practiced being computer scientist by programming a “robot partner” to move around our classroom.  The students had to use different types of arrows and go/stop signs to make […]

Gingerbread Man Fun

Last week our class spent time reading many different versions of the Gingerbread Man story.  We enjoyed seeing how each author ‘twisted’ the stories to make it his/her own.  Our favorite versions included one where a Park Ranger ate the Gingerbread Bear and one where the Gingerbread Girl tamed the fox.   As a closing […]