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Speed Demons

Art classes on Friday took things outside at Chance Elementary to take advantage of the windy day and enjoy a STEAM activity. 2nd, 1st, and kindergarten classes created their ‘Speed Demons,’ in art class, and then took them outside to see how they harnessed the wind. We tried them several times to see whose was […]

Kindergarten Art

In kindergarten art we learned visualization with our first art project. We closed our eyes as I read them a description of what their graduation ceremony might look like. Then when we opened our eyes the kindergarten artists drew what they visualized. We learned that whenever times get tough they can pull up this picture […]

1st Semester Recap

I’m pretty sure the plastic on my markers might be smokin’! The first half of the school year was fast and furious and I’m rested and ready for act two. Centralia’s littlest artists have been working oh-so hard completing their beautiful works of art. We have painted, gotten oil and chalk pastels all over our […]

And That is a Break!

It’s hard to believe, but half of the year is already gone! We have made some beautiful art projects in art class, focusing mostly on 2D work and using a variety of media. All artists made holiday cards to brighten up senior citizens who use the Food Bank of Boone County, Square 1 projects were […]