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Real World Seminar tries their hand at cooking!

The Real World class has cooked their own lunch the week of November 5-9.  They are decent cooks, they have learned.  They enjoy cooking and eating, but definitely NOT cleaning up!  We made…Lasagna, Dirt Cake, Coffee Cake, Chicken Noodle Soup, Blueberry cookies, Sugar Bun Loaf (homemade Monkey bread), Ham and Cheese Sliders, Strawberry Lemonade, Guacamole,… Continue Reading Real World Seminar tries their hand at cooking!

Real World has been BUSY!!!  Check out our work…from cleaning house, washing windows, making homemade ice cream to child care.

Real World Seminar

Real World Seminar class learned some basic car care.  Thank you Harvey Million, Jim Peters, Chandler Randolph and James March for your help.  We checked tire pressure, filled wiper fluid, checked and changed oil and changed a tire.

Real World Seminar

The Real World Seminar got to experience baby and toddler/child care.   We changed diapers, put them in carriers, pushed them in strollers, fed them, fastened them in seat belts, played games and looked at books.  Thank you Liz and Jayci for coming and bringing the kids!