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Real World makes appointments

The Real World Class took a day to practice the skill of making appointments and ordering on the phone. *Make an appointment for an oil change *Make a Doctor’s appointment *Order a pizza *Make a hotel reservation *Contact a repairman

Real World practices Confrontational Skills

The Real World class practiced their confrontational skills last week in class.  -They had to break up with a boy/girlfriend they had been dating for 2 years. -Fire an employee -Convince a teacher to change their grade. -Convince a parent they needed a pet. -Discuss with their boss the possibility of getting a raise. -Ask […]

Real World talks money and budgets

Lorry Meyers and Mike Watson from Central Bank of Boone County came to class and talked about debit and credit cards and loans.  We talked about budgeting and played a game about budgets.  Then we had a budget and we made out meals and grocery lists and then went to Prengers and shopped.