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Real World talks money and budgets

Lorry Meyers and Mike Watson from Central Bank of Boone County came to class and talked about debit and credit cards and loans.  We talked about budgeting and played a game about budgets.  Then we had a budget and we made out meals and grocery lists and then went to Prengers and shopped.  

Real World Seminar

The Real World class has an opportunity to practice Conflict Resolution skills.  We had the chance to break up with a boy/girlfriend, ask a boss for a raise, talk to a teacher about changing a grade, ask a parent to extend their curfew, convince a parent they need a pet, do a mock interview.  This […]

Real World Seminar

Real World Seminar has the opportunity to be uncomfortable in adult situations!!!  We called and made a Dr.’s Appointment, made an appointment to have our oil changed, ordered a pizza, called the Sear’s repairman to fix our washing machine, and reserved a hotel room.

Real World Seminar tries their hand at cooking!

The Real World class has cooked their own lunch the week of November 5-9.  They are decent cooks, they have learned.  They enjoy cooking and eating, but definitely NOT cleaning up!  We made…Lasagna, Dirt Cake, Coffee Cake, Chicken Noodle Soup, Blueberry cookies, Sugar Bun Loaf (homemade Monkey bread), Ham and Cheese Sliders, Strawberry Lemonade, Guacamole, […]