Entries by Nathan Gordon

Interview Day

Patrons of Centralia came to Chester Boren Middle School to assist with Interview Day for the 7th Grade. Mrs. Redington organizes this activity annually to include community members in school activities, give students a chance to explore occupations they may be interested in, and give the students an experience where they must formally communicate with […]

CBMS Student of the Month

Our Student of the Month for February at Chester Boren Middle School is Hannah Taylor. Hannah is an 8th graders at CBMS, and she was nominated by Mrs. McBride (pictured) and Mrs. Hancock. She was nominated for her great effort in class while assuming leadership roles within the classroom.   Congratulations Hannah!

CBMS Spelling Bee Winners

Harrison White (Right) was the winner of the Chester Boren Middle School Script’s Spelling Bee, and Noah Davis (Left) was the runner-up. Both of these gentlemen are in the 6th grade and had to win their individual class competition to participate in the building spelling bee. Harrison and Noah then went on to beat 16 […]

Student of the Month – January

The Student of the Month for Chester Boren Middle School in January is Lillian Underwood. Lillian is a 6th grader who was nominated by her language arts teacher, Mrs. Jones. Lillian was nominated for being a great student and friend who has a great attitude and assists her peers on a daily basis. Congratulations Lillian! […]

Student of the Month

Congratulations to MacKenzie McCollum on being selected as the Student of the Month at Chester Boren Middle School for the month of December. MacKenzie was nominated by her science and language arts teachers, Mrs. McBride and Mrs. Hancock. Congratulations MacKenzie!

Student of the Month

The Student of the Month for November at Chester Boren Middle School is Desirae Johnston. Desirae was nominated by her Language Arts/Advisory teacher Ms. Gowin. Congratulations Desirae!

Columbia Area Career Center

Representatives from the Columbia Area Career Center visited Chester Boren Middle School on Thursday, November 8th. They visited with the Chester Boren Middle School 8th graders to present and explain to them all of the opportunities that will be available to them through the career center while they are in high school.

Student of the Month

Chester Boren Middle School is proud to recognize Brooke Whitlatch as our Student of the Month for October. Brooke is a 7th grader who also participates with the cheer squad. She was nominated by Mrs. Dieckmann. Congratulations Brooke!

First Quarter BUG

  Pictured are members of the First Quarter group of BUG Students at Chester Boren Middle School. BUG stands for “Bringing Up Grades”. Chester Boren Middle School is in cooperation with the Centralia Kiwanis Club to encourage students to improve their GPA while in middle school.  Pictured with our 6th graders are Centralia Kiwanians Ed […]