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Poetry in Kindergarten

In kindergarten, we use our Poetry Notebooks almost everyday! Each week, we learn a new poem and glue it into our notebooks. Early in the year, we search for letters, punctuation, and rhyming words. We also practice pointing to the words as we read them as well as sweeping correctly to the next line. As […]

It’s Chick Time!

This week in kindergarten, each classroom received an incubator and a dozen eggs. We have been learning  a lot of vocabulary about chicks, such as: egg tooth, incubator, pip, and embryo. This is one of our favorite units in kindergarten as it pairs perfectly with our research writing and compliments our science unit on living […]

Let’s Move!

  In kindergarten, we are sure to take brain breaks often. Brain breaks are a way for students to move around after sitting for a period of time. They are usually quick, less than five minutes, and students are more refreshed and ready to continue learning after they are over.  One of our favorite brain […]

Elf on the Shelf in Kindergarten

In kindergarten, the “Elf on the Shelf” has arrived! Students were able to listen to their teacher read the story and kindergarten, as a whole, watched the Elf on the Shelf movie. Students have had so much fun looking for their class elf’s hiding spot each morning. Students are reminded that the elves watch for […]