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7th Math – Chapter 8 Equations & Inequalities

While we are finishing up Chapter 7, here is a preview of the upcoming math content in Chapter 8 Equations and Inequalities.  Basically, in Chapter 8, students will be expected to write and solve a variety of equations and inequalities… regardless of the “messiness” of the numbers involved.  The equations will start off being solvable […]

Chapter 7 – Algebraic Expressions

In 7th grade math (Motley), we are starting Chapter 7 over Algebraic Expressions.  There are five lessons, two inquiry labs, and a review before the test.  Every two lessons, there will be a homework quiz and a notes/homework completion check.  On IXL, we will be finishing all of the R section.  Make sure you take […]

Hart Career Center Holiday Schedule

Hart Career Center will be in session next Monday and Tuesday December 18 – 19th but will be closed from Wednesday, December 20th through Tuesday, January 2, 2018.  Students will return on Wednesday, January 3, 2018.   Merry Christmas to each of you and may your New Year be healthy and happy!

Know the Snow Routes!

The snow routes are posted under Resources >> Parents.  Be sure you know the snow routes in case of inclement weather.  They are also linked below.

PreAlgebra – Chapter 4 into Chapter 5

In PreAlgebra, we just took a test over Chapter 4.  The content of Chapter 4 is: Lesson 4-1 Divisibility and Factors Lesson 4-2 Exponents Lesson 4-3 Prime Factorization and Greatest Common Factor Lesson 4-4 Simplifying Fractions Lesson 4-5 Accounting for All Possibilities Lesson 4-6 Rational Numbers Lesson 4-7 Exponents and Multiplication Lesson 4-8 Exponents and […]

Math 7 – Chapter 6 Percents

In Mr. Motley’s 7th grade math class, the last chapter before the end of the semester is Chapter 6 Percents.  The lessons in this chapter are: Lesson 6-1 Using the Percent Proportion Lesson 6-2 Find Percent of a Number Mentally Lesson 6-3 Using the Percent Equation Lesson 6-4 Percent of Change Lesson 6-5 Discount and […]