EdTechCR6- Panther Parents

Hello, Panther Parents and Guardians,

My name is Macey Watermann, and I am our district’s Instructional Technology Director. My role in the district is to help teachers integrate technology in the best way into their teaching and your student’s learning. I was hired to continue our transition in the way we use technology in the district to personalize learning for every student.

Our education mission in Centralia is “to prepare our students to compete by providing a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment as we strive to develop them into extraordinary and productive citizens of our world.” Technology is one of the many tools we can use to achieve that mission.

In the past five years, the district has upgraded our technology infrastructure by rewiring buildings and adding wifi. We have improved our website to make it easier to find information and access information on any device. In the past four years, the district has been able to update old devices while also providing more resources to students PK-12  and staff with the integration of over 300 iPads and 500 Chromebooks, as well as update desktop computers in all computer labs and library media centers.

Technology upgrades alone won’t personalize learning for students, so training has been provided and continues to be provided to our teachers. This year we are rolling out a new form of personalized learning for our teachers through the utilized of digital badges.

As upgrades and additions are made to technology, it is important as a staff and community to reflect on the following four questions that have been our focus throughout our process of technology integration:

-What will learning look like in Centralia 5 years from now?
-What will our classrooms look like?
-What skills do we want our students to develop?
-How will we develop and grow as a staff to benefit our students?

We want to personalize education for all our staff and students because we want to create an engaged and inspired community of lifelong learners. We want our kids to develop the skills of communication, creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration because we want them to be able to “compete” and to be “extraordinary and productive citizens.” We want learning to continue beyond our district walls, and we want to make sure that we as a staff are always improving so your child will always have the best education.

Technology is the tool that will help us to achieve our goals, and I look forward to sharing some of those transformed educational experiences and tools on our website.  At least once a month, I’ll update you on our progress in digital transformation.  I’ll give you resources to help your child learn and to help you navigate our media-rich world.  I’ll also spotlight a variety of areas where technology is being integrated as an educational tool.

~Macey Watermann

Technology Resources

Resources will be placed here in a blog format for teachers, students, parents and community members to utilize. I am hoping to post at least every two weeks. Most resources will be free options to use both in a classroom and also the home setting. If you are looking for a specific concept/idea to be covered please contact me and I will work to get a resource posted. A variety of resources will be available as well when we roll out our digital badging platform for teacher tech professional development.


Contact Mrs. Watermann


Macey Watermann-Director of Instructional Technology

Macey teaches Girls Physical Education and Health at CBMS, and is the Director of Instructional Technology for the district. She is also the 8th-grade girls basketball coach. She is a 2002 Centralia graduate, received her undergrad from UCM and her Masters and Specialist from MIZZOU. Macey started teaching in Centralia after teaching for 8 years in the Raymore-Peculiar school district. She has twin daughters and her husband Jason teaches business classes at CHS.

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